What's the InHomeCare.com Preferred Agency Rating?

The Preferred Agency Rating is awarded to agencies demonstrating a commitment to improving their standard of service and enhancing the quality of the in-home care industry itself.

InHomeCare.com provides its Preferred Agencies with extensive, comprehensive training through our Best Practices In Home Care materials and other additional resources that strengthen and improve service. Our best practices include policies and procedures, methods and practices from among the highest quality standards and guidelines in the industry that Preferred Agencies use in formulating their respective programs.

Not only do we help individuals, families and referral sources easily find in-home care agencies and information, but we're committed to raising the standard of care in the in-home care industry by providing every agency with the best training tools available. We support the other national, state and private organizations aiming to do the same, each with their own programs, rating system and seal of endorsement.

Preferred Agencies demonstrate a commitment to constantly improve and strengthen their agency and our industry. That's why they earn the right to proudly display the InHomeCare.com Preferred Agency Rating emblem.

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