On an average day, a senior caregiver can comfortably handle an unexpected situation, stay patient with a difficult client, and offer compassion to an ill senior’s family.

Praise to Caregivers


Your agency’s caregivers routinely provide their support, as well as their skilled services, to your clients.

Showing your caregivers how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication improves retention rates and helps create a positive environment. Take the time to offer your recognition to each in-home care provider with these ideas:


Caregiver Appreciation Day

National Caregivers Day is celebrated on the third Friday in February, making the next Caregivers Day February 15, 2019. Make this day as special to your caregivers as they are to you. Here are some ways to celebrate Caregiver Appreciation Day:

  • Thank You Cards: Surveys show that a supervisor’s praise is the most desired form of recognition among professional caregivers. Give each care provider a thoughtful and personal card.
  • Shared Meal: Host a celebratory meal. Whether your agency throws a pizza party or provides an elaborate dinner, meals are a great way to build community.
  • Company-Wide Celebration: Throw a company-wide party. This provides an opportunity for your employees to thank each caregiver for their contributions.
  • Vacation Time: Gift additional vacation time. Allow your caregivers to use this time under the same conditions as their standard vacation allotment. Everyone can use a few extra hours off.
  • Free Massage: Provide important care for caregivers by hiring a massage therapist and offering a 15-minute chair massage to each care provider. Scheduling appointments will keep the workday flowing.
  • Branded Company Gifts: Branded company gifts create goodwill for your agency. Gifting clothing also offers the benefit of free advertising!


Designate an Agency-Wide Caregivers Month

There is no official month to recognize professional caregivers, so your agency can designate one. Here are some ways to give kudos to caregivers during this Caregivers Month:

  • Weekly Drawings: Branded company items like notepads, ink pens, coffee cups, and hats are excellent choices for small gifts given at weekly drawings.
  • Business Cards: Few actions show you appreciate your caregivers as much as providing them with business cards. Business cards express professional pride in addition to providing contact information to clients.
  • Company Branded Scrubs: Scrubs can be a significant expense for caregivers. Providing scrubs saves them money, promotes goodwill, and advertises your agency.
  • Heated Pads for Car Seats: Every in-home care provider does a lot of travelling, and winter weather can be a bear. Equipping company cars with these is an inexpensive way to show your appreciation.


Offering Consistent Praise

Make it a priority to offer your caregivers adequate signs of appreciation. How to continually praise your caregivers:

  • Gift Cards: Gift cards are a popular way to show your gratitude. Gift cards to local restaurants offer your caregivers a much-deserved chance to relax and enjoy a nice meal. And who doesn’t love food?
  • Movie Tickets: Movie tickets are also popular gifts among employees. Providing the opportunity for a fun night out is a great way to give kudos.
  • Donuts and Bagels: Because donuts and bagels are the best food ever. And because your caregivers need to stop to eat at some point! Donuts and bagels offer a quick start to the day and lots of energy.
  • Handwritten Thank You Notes: Even sticky pad notes will work! Thanking your caregivers personally for their efforts is the most appreciated thing you can do for them.
  • Flowers: Fresh flowers offer both beauty and a conversation starter. Place vases of fresh flowers in your company’s shared areas to brighten your caregivers’ spirits throughout the year.
  • Lunches: Taking each caregiver to lunch individually demonstrates support for the provider as a person. Knowing every employee’s name and asking about their family means a lot.
  • Caregiver of the Month: Recognize a deserving employee each month. This practice promotes healthy competition and rewards excellent work.
  • Holiday Celebrations: Host a Thanksgiving dinner or a Holiday party for your caregivers. Community spirit is enhanced, and employees get the chance to catch up with one another.
  • Company Picnic: Nothing yells excitement like a company picnic including your care providers and their families. Play some fun games, eat some great food, and strengthen employee relations.
  • Token Program: Giving tokens for outstanding work allows employees to redeem accumulated tokens for an item of their choice. Gift cards, passes to local attractions, and movie tickets offer great rewards for hard work.
  • Bonuses and Raises: “I really don’t want this bonus” is the singular statement never uttered throughout the entire history of civilization. Maintain a system of merit raises to encourage good work habits and demonstrate your concern.
  • Edible Treats: Offering healthy snacks like dried fruits, nut mixes, and breakfast bars helps your caregivers stay healthy while consistently praising them. Design a Thank You poster to place with the snacks.
  • Texts and Calls: Texting or calling individual employees lets them know you are thinking of them. It’s a free and thoughtful way to give praise.
  • Social Media: Give a public shout out to the caregivers who provide extraordinary service. Do a profile piece and highlight their accomplishments.


Provide Daily Care for Caregivers

Every home care agency understands the importance of caring for their caregivers. Here are some less obvious, but very important, ways to praise your caregivers:

  • Discounted Gym Memberships: Caregiving requires a strong and healthy body. Contract with a local gym for discounted company rates to help your employees stay fit.
  • Ongoing Training: Many caregivers complain about inadequate company training. Providing ongoing training shows them you are listening and helps everyone.
  • Mentoring Program: Pair new caregivers with a senior caregiver who has been with your agency long-term. Personal advice and assistance go a long way toward employee satisfaction.
  • Suggestion Box: You may receive some unpleasant suggestions, but allowing your caregivers the option to make suggestions is empowering. You will likely discover helpful suggestions, too!
  • Appreciation Box: Let your employees tell you what is working for them. Offer them the chance to praise fellow employees as well.
  • Information: Offer information about helpful services like public child care assistance and free tax preparation.


Make the effort to show you care; praise your caregivers using these ideas. You will have no regrets.