Best Clocks for People with Dementia | Dementia Care

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Caring for patients diagnosed with dementia does pose some care challenges. The treatment options for dementia are not a cure, but caregivers can find many fantastic dementia clocks to help keep their patients calm, focused and reoriented to time. These clocks make nice gifts for dementia patients, and caregivers can easily incorporate these clocks [...]

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Senior In-Home Care: Family Guide

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When you have a loved one who is in need of a senior caregiver, finding the right in-home care provider is one solution to ensure a safe and comforting environment for your friend or family members.   Using this senior family members guide, learn everything there is to know about in-home care services available [...]

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Benefits of Pet Therapy Visits for Seniors | How to Get a Therapy Pet to Visit a Loved One at Home

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Many people don’t know how beneficial pet therapy visits for seniors are. According to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, adults aged 52 and older have a higher risk of mortality due to both social isolation and loneliness. Pet therapy visits for seniors can help combat that statistic, and [...]

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Modern Ways of Communicating to Your Clients’ Family as a Caregiver

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Throughout your caregiving training, you have learned the importance of effectively communicating with the seniors that depend on you for care. Now, you have the opportunity to expand your skill set by learning strategies for communication with family members who also serve as a source of support for seniors. While there is still a [...]

Official Checklist for Assisted Living Communities | What To Ask & Look For

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A beloved grandparent is a valued family member, thus, finding the right assisted living community for them is of the utmost importance. As someone ages, they may develop one or more health conditions that require help from a caregiver or an in-home care provider. Over time, aging relatives may need even more senior care [...]