Wintertime can present more challenges for your elderly care recipients.

Take steps early to ensure that they will be safe should a winter storm cause them to be stuck at home until the the storm passes. Power outages are common during a larger wintertime snow and/or ice-storm. High winds, heavy snowfall and dangerous ice build-up on power lines are just some of the reasons why these outages can occur.

In this article, we will cover how you can help your senior client prepare for, and get through, the winter.


Helping Your Senior Set Up Wintertime Emergency Contacts

It is critical to set up wintertime emergency contacts for your elderly clients to ensure that they will have someone nearby for any additional health or other problems. Call the family members, talk to nearby neighbors, check evacuation routes near your client’s home and find out if there are close shelters if power is knocked out for an extended period.

Some other emergency contact preparation ideas include:

  • Write a Clear, Large & Readable List of Emergency Contact Numbers
  • Place the List in a Readily Accessible Spot – On Kitchen Table, By Phone or At Bedside
  • Ensure the Client’s Glasses and/or a Magnifying Glass is Near the Phone
  • Program Emergency Contacts Into Cell Phone on Speed Dial
  • Be Sure to Educate Your Client Regarding Weather Evacuation Details
  • Set Up Regular Check Ins in Case Your Company’s Caregiver Can’t Get There
  • Have Numbers for Local Senior Citizen Center, Power Company
  • Consider Providing a Cell Phone if Client Doesn’t Have One for Emergency Use


Stock Up for Emergency Supplies in Case of Winter Storms

It is crucial to stock up for emergency supplies in case the area gets a damaging winter storm. Check the food supply. Be sure to have easy-to-prepare foods like sandwich makings, microwave meals, canned food and bottled water in case the power goes out.

Some other emergency supplies include:

  • Working Flashlights with Fresh Batteries in Accessible Places
  • Alternate & Safe Heat Source
  • Plenty of Warm Blankets
  • Toiletries like Toilet Paper, Soap
  • Battery Operated Lights or Solar Powered
  • Personal Care Products
  • Check & Pick Up Medications Early


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How cold is it? Cold temperatures can be deceptive at first. Have an accurate thermometer to determine the actual temperature. Remember that wind gusts can make the air temp feel much colder.