Caregiver tasks range from making meals and setting out medication, to transporting clients around. But the main purpose of providing assistance with these tasks, are to help the seniors remain as independent as possible, for as long as possible.

Keeping that in mind, it is essential to understand that just as important as the things they do for their clients, Caregivers also need to consider things they shouldn’t be doing for their clients.

In this article, we will go over some steps Caregivers should take to allow their patients as much independence as possible.

Independent Senior Woman

Urge Seniors to Participate in Physical Activity

By encouraging your clients to participate in physical activity, you will be helping them remain independent for longer. In addition, exercise is one of the best ways to get endorphins flowing, which will lead to enhancing one’s mood.

The physical activity can be anything from a walk to the mailbox, or going through some simple exercises a physical therapist suggests. They will feel better and be more mobile for years to come.

Encourage Seniors to Do Things On Their Own  

One of the most important factors to being the best Caregiver, is understanding when it’s appropriate to encourage clients to do things on their own. You want your seniors to remain as independent as possible, while still caring for them and offering assistance when needed.

Some tasks may be easy or simple to complete on your own. However, by taking the time to help your senior accomplish the task instead, it will give them confidence and help them feel more independent.

Utilize All Adaptive Equipment

You don’t want to leave your home, do you?

By providing the appropriate and needed equipment can make the life of a senior much easier, and allow them to remain in their homes for longer. This equipment may include things such as reaching tools, handrails, etc.

Patience Is Key

There are several tasks Caregivers do, that seniors themselves could accomplish, but it would take them a bit longer to do so. That said, being patient and allowing seniors to complete a task, such as eating, getting dressed or using the bathroom, will help them gain more independence.

Remember, when given the right amount of time, seniors can complete many, if not all, tasks on their own.

In Conclusion

It is vitally important to respect a seniors dignity and independence by allowing them to do the tasks they’re still capable of completing. Seniors want to remain independent for as long as they possibly can. By being patient, your clients will be much happier, confident, healthier, and will be more appreciative of your assistance.