Home health care is a booming industry. The aging population of baby boomers is increasingly in need of in-home care including non-medical home care, post-acute care, long-term care, skilled nursing, and hospice care. Effective health marketing strategies will allow consumers to feel confident in choosing your home care agency. 

Most consumers will head straight to Google or another search engine when they are looking for a home care agency. Therefore, online or digital marketing strategies should be foremost in any marketing campaign. But do not dismiss word-of-mouth marketing–especially referrals–and other “old fashioned” marketing materials. 

If your agency has a marketing manager, he or she should be trained not only in SEO (search engine optimization) and digital marketing, but also be skilled in finding referral partners such as hospital discharge planners and care consultants, social workers, and nursing staff. In addition to health care workers, potential referrals could come from many other sources, most importantly current and former clients.

How to Create a Successful Home Care Marketing Plan 

It may be helpful to organize your marketing ideas and strategies into the following areas:

  • Referrals
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing (website/blog content, SEO, online ads)
  • Networking and volunteering
  • Printed marketing materials (newspaper and magazine ads, direct mail, etc.)

Seek Referrals From Past Clients and Healthcare Professionals 

Obtaining referrals is one of the most popular ways to expand a business in any market or industry. Referrals are useful for attracting new clients and gaining the trust of those who have a genuine interest in learning more about the services you provide. Seek referrals from past clients you have helped while also connecting with healthcare professionals who are willing to provide your agency with recommendations and referrals. When you have an online presence, create referral forms that are easy for your visitors to share with their own friends and loved ones in need of a home care solution. 

Build Your Social Media Presence 

Build your social media presence using top platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Study hashtags that are most relevant to the home care industry and the current services you provide. Create your own hashtag to represent your individual home care agency and to attract followers while gaining interest in your location and what you offer to prospective clients. 

Use the same name for each of your home care social media accounts to prevent users from feeling confused while browsing for more information on your agency when using social media. Research the name you have in mind across multiple platforms to verify that it has not already been taken or used by another official agency. Upload your agency’s official logo and implement your designated color scheme across your social media platforms to appear professional while streamlining all of your social media accounts simultaneously. 

Update Your Social Media Frequently 

Use social media to your advantage by posting frequently and with an online schedule in place. Create an update calendar to keep your followers informed of upcoming events,