Giving care to senior people is a noble profession. It helps families give this vulnerable population a decent life. The disabled and mentally disturbed people also need care.

Caregiver boundaries

However, giving care is not a rosy profession. Caregiver tasks can be overwhelming to the in-home care provider. Widespread cases of depression, stress, and disillusionment among caregivers have prompted a campaign on caring for the caregivers. The person giving care must confront the dangers that threaten their mental health and emotional well being.

These issues make the profession endangered.

Trying To Make Your Clients Comfortable To Your Detriment


The desire to make the client comfortable can often overwhelm you. Clients do not often reciprocate the comfort you extend. The person may not be in a position to notice what you are doing to make them comfortable. A ‘thankless’ job can easily be demoralizing. A caregiver must ensure that they are comfortable in whatever they do.


You Often Have No Idea of What You Are Dealing With


When you decide to become a caregiver, goodness and the desire to help is your forte. You are always looking for ways and means to make people better. When dealing with seniors, you have no idea how many things they need.

They need a shoulder to cry on, they have failing memory, they can get irritable any moment, their bodies are failing them, and some have not accepted that age is catching up with them. There is a lot that you can do. Some you can only try. It pays to knows that your specialty is giving care; leave the rest to others.


Overwhelming Guilt


They say you should not violate your set boundaries; however, most people do so when faced with the slightest tinge of guilt. Caregiver tasks require fidelity to the care plan. If you go beyond and above the call of duty today, you rob yourself the energy to deliver on your mandate tomorrow. Spending the whole night handling client’s petty concerns will deny you a productive day tomorrow.

Accept today’s guilt so that you can remain helpful and productive throughout your career. However, be careful not to slide into indifference. If something is a worthy sacrifice, it is human to extend service up to a reasonable level.

To overcome these issues, you must mark your limits carefully and decisively. Every professional in the healthcare industry must have these professional boundaries.


Setting boundaries


It is never an easy task to delimit yourself. However, research shows that without setting professional limits, you will have many challenges. You will experience some of these unwanted problems. Refrain from starting a personal relationship when you are a senior caregiver.


Role conflict