Implementing AI for Seniors

Statisticians are astounded by the massive growth of the aging populations around the world. Over the next 50 years, in the US, adults over 65 are expected to grow by more than half. Experts are worried about the pressure this will put on healthcare resources, especially family caregivers and home healthcare workers. How can artificial intelligence (AI) help the aging population?

AI as the Saving Grace of Problems in Elderly Care


Compared to other industries, technology was late to impact the senior care sector. Businesses have been running on artificial intelligence for close to a decade now, leveraging automation and precision to solve critical challenges and drive efficiencies. 

Nonetheless, today artificial intelligence is rapidly finding use in every step of the elderly care pathway. Caregivers and health experts are confidently offloading parts of the senior care pathways to artificial intelligence, enabling better care in the elderly’s home. Key advantages include improvements in care quality and impactful resolution of care staff shortages.

Today’s agetech industry presents diverse, innovative solutions that enable seniors to confidently age in place and enjoy the comfort and independence that comes with precise and timely caregiver support. The time is ripe for revolutionizing senior care and improving the quality of life of the elderly. Below is an overview of the leading solutions that leverage AI and machine learning to improve the elderly’s well-being and quality of life.

Intuition Robotics 


Intuition Robotics is changing the way AI is currently woven into our daily lives (virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri) by exploring the potential of virtual companions. The company has launched groundbreaking deep learning-based digital companions capable of multimodal interactions and boasting context-aware interactive characters. Intuition Robotics is powered by the company’s AI engine Q. 

This technology can be a terrific boon to the home care sector, promising intelligent companionship and engagement for the elderly living alone. Intuition Robotics uses Q in its products and also leases it to third-party device manufacturers.



MyndYou is an AI platform that offers comprehensive solutions for maintaining cognitive abilities among older adults. The platform finds use in passive monitoring, advanced cognitive assessment methodologies, and AI-generated practical insights. The primary focus of the solution is enhancing the quality of life of seniors living with cognitive impairment, including Alzheimer’s and dementia, by empowering them to maintain their mental aptness and live independently for longer.



Fujitsu is one of the companies making ripples with AI-driven “aging in place” solutions. The company’s better-living platform is a holistic gerontechnology solution that combines the power of AI, 5G, and IoT in health care monitoring and remote consultation.

Caregivers looking to improve in-home care quality can leverage the Fujitsu gerontechnology to strengthen connections and create better environments for seniors at home. The AI-based platform delivers audio analysis capabilities to detect the health status of patients. Further, the platform empowers medical experts to remotely monitor the health of their elderly patients, which reduces the need for in-person clinical v