What is a lift chair?

A lift chair is a chair that can lift its back end to help the person sitting in it get out of a seated position easier. For people with joint issues, back pain, or other issues that can make it difficult to get up from a sitting position out of a chair, lift chairs help them gently stand up without putting too much pressure on their joints. Many elderly people should consider getting a lift chair, as a great majority of the elderly deal with some sort of joint pain that can make it harder for them to get out of a normal chair.


What are some benefits of a lift chair?

Arthritis, back or shoulder pain, circulation problems, stiffness, or other problems that come with age can make it hard to stand up. A lift chair eases the joints up to a standing position, lessening the pressure that is normally required to get out of a chair. Many elderly people can benefit from a lift chair, as well as disabled people, or people recovering from surgeries or illness. 

Many lift chairs also have the option to recline as well, which has many health benefits. The zero-gravity position and the Trendelenburg position are very beneficial and comfortable.

Having a lift chair allows you to bypass having to wait for others to help you up, as well as getting rid of the pulling motion, which can also cause pain. A lift chair gently pushes from underneath, distributing the pressure, rather than tugging on an arm, which can cause separate problems.


Other options


Mobility scooter

For those who are in a mobility scooter, a power lift chair might be really helpful. Using a lift chair can eliminate unnecessary pressure on delicate or healing joints and muscles. The lift also makes transferring from the chair to your scooter easier. Especially for long-term issues, a lift recliner can be a good investment.

Power wheelchair

For those with very restricted mobility, rather than a power lift recliner, maybe you should look into power lift wheelchairs. If you want the comfort and mobility and recline options that come with a lift recliner, there are power wheelchairs that can perform similar functions, without requiring you to switch back and forth.

What are some of the best lift chairs?


The Mcombo large power lift recliner chair

The Mcombo large power lift recliner comes with several features, including heat and massage. The Mcombo is a power lift recliner so you can adjust the angle of the chair via buttons on the side. It also has a massage and heat function. It has 8 vibration points and lumbar heat. There are several settings and timers that you can set for these functions. It is also equipped with cupholders and USB charging ports, as well as pockets on the side for easy access. The Mcombo was designed specifically for taller people and has a weight capacity of 320 lbs. It is covering in faux leather to give it a classic feel. Depending on which type you get, it can range from about $500 to $600.

The Esright power lift chair 

The Esright power lift chair electric recliner is also an electrically powered lift recliner. It is an infinite position chair up to a 150-degree angle. Infinite position means that it is manually adjustable to whatever angle you want it at, up to 150 degrees. This is called the zero-gravity position. When the chair is at 150 degrees, it lifts your knees above your heart while evenly distributing your weight across your back. This position provides extreme relief and comfort. The Esright also comes with a massage function and heating on the back. Both the vibration and heat have different settings and modes. It is also faux leather for a classic comfort look. The Esright is on the more affordable side, for $400 on amazon.

The Irene house dual OKIN motor lift chair

 The Irene house dual OKIN motor lift chair is powered by an electric motor and dual motors for its smooth power lift. It has a 4 button remote control to adjust the angle you’re sitting at. It is infinite position, between 105 degrees and 180 degrees. The comfortable and sturdy design can support up to 300 lbs. It’s a little more pricey than the first two at $770 on Amazon.

The Pride Heritage lift chair with Pride Mobility

The Pride Heritage lift chair is a much stronger option for those who require a bariatric chair. It can handle up to 600 lbs, twice as much as the first three. The Pride lift chair is designed to provide comfort for heavier occupants. It has a sturdy frame and seat to provide extra support. It comes with a backup 9-volt battery in case of a power outage while the chair is in the reclining position. This allows you to get back to an upright position temporarily even without being connected to a power outlet. It is a very high-end power lift recliner at about $1700.

Easy Comfort lift chairs

The easy comfort lift chair is a much simpler design, it only has 2 positions: upright and lift. While it doesn’t have the option to recline, that can be nice because it takes away any added complications (and cost), especially if you won’t be using it to recline. It has a simple but sturdy frame that can support up to 325 lbs. Not quite a bariatric chair, but still a good weight capacity. They are about $900 on amazon.

The Edwell power lift recliner chair

 The Edwell is more of a petite lift chair, with a smaller design. It has a quality foam cushion seat and is equipped with an adjustable massage and heat function. Those and the power lift recliner functions can be controlled with 2 remote controls. Even though it tends to be smaller than other chairs, it can support up to 350 lbs, more than most non-bariatric chairs. These are around $900 on amazon.

AmeriGlide lift chairs

AmeriGlide is a good option to go with when considering buying a lift chair. They vary in size, color, fabric, and functions, but all are affordable and of good quality. The price range is about $500 to $1000, depending on the functions of the chair.


Cost of lift chairs

The cheapest lift chairs can be under $300, and the most expensive can be well over $1500. The price is going to depend on the quality, brand, and mobility of the chair. Some lift chairs only have an upright position and a standing position. These are going to be the least expensive. Some lift chairs can also act as a recliner and can lean back, be upright, and push the person sitting down to a standing position. Some power lift recliners use an electric motor for power lift, and you can adjust the angle the chair is at by degrees, rather than by steps. These are going to be the most expensive as they are the most advanced and have the highest quality.


Will Medicare pay for a lift chair?

Medicare will cover part of the cost of the chair if you provide a prescription of necessity from a doctor for a medical lift chair. Medicare will cover the cost of durable medical equipment (DME), which means equipment that is durable, needed for medical purposes, used in the home, usually lasts at least 3 years, and is useful to a person who is injured or sick.

You must be enrolled in either Medicare part B, Medicare part C, or Medicare Advantage to receive these benefits. You will then need to get a prescription for a lift chair from a doctor after an evaluation. The doctor will look at things such as arthritis, your ability to stand on your own, your ability to walk once standing, other treatments available, and your ability to operate the chair. If a doctor decides you need a medical lift chair and give you a prescription for it, you can take that to Medicare. If you have one of the three plans mentioned above, they will cover the cost of the lifting seat for the chair. You will be responsible for the rest of the chair’s cost.


Is it easy to install a lift chair?

Lift chairs are typically pretty easy to install. They will often come in pieces that you will have to assemble yourself. Most chairs will require you to put the back and the seat together. If there is an electrical component for a power lift chair, that might be separate as well, and you will need to connect it to a power source.

If your lift chair is also a recliner, make sure that you don’t put the chair too close to the wall or furniture. The chair could lean back too far and hit it, potentially damaging both. The manufacturer’s guide should tell you the recommended distance from any objects.

As long as you place your lift chair in an open area away from any tables, chairs, walls, or other furniture that could run into the chair or pose a tripping hazard once you are out of your chair. If there is nothing around that could obstruct the chair or your path to and from it, it should be a safe place for it.

Most people put their lift chairs in their living room, or maybe their bedroom. The whole point is so you can sit comfortably and then stand up without difficulty. It will be the most useful if you place it in a place where you will use it to socialize and relax. Putting it by the TV like any other couch or easy chair will give you a good seat when you have people over or when you watch movies. 

When you are setting up your lift chair, just be thinking of where you want to put it and make sure there is a clear area for it, away from furniture and walls. Especially if the backrest can recline as well, you will need space behind the chair as well as the front.



Lift chairs can be very beneficial to those with joint, bone, or muscle pain. Both chronic and acute pain can be alleviated by using a lift chair to distribute the pressure and support the body into an upright position.