What is a toilet seat riser?

A toilet seat riser is a piece of technology designed to help those with mobility issues, especially the elderly, with sitting on the toilet. It is a raised seat that attaches to the existing toilet seat. A raised toilet seat allows the user to not have to bend down as far. This makes it safer for the elderly to use the bathroom by themselves, as a seat riser on the toilet can greatly decrease the risk of falls when using or attempting to use the toilet.


Who needs a riser for their toilet seat?

They are typically used by the elderly. Seat risers are great for those who struggle with joint pain and have a hard time bending down to get to a standard toilet. They are a great option for those who have been injured or had surgery, especially in the knees, hips, or lower back. Most elderly people deal with some form of arthritis or other joint issues. It can be hard for those with pain and limited mobility to safely use the bathroom, and having a toilet seat riser can make it much easier for them to have independence in the bathroom. 

A lower toilet seat can pose a fall risk for the elderly, disabled, or injured. When someone with joint pain or limited mobility tries to bend down too far they can get off balance and fall. Falls in a bathroom are especially dangerous, since there are lots of hard surfaces, sharp corners, and slippery, wet objects. Having a toilet seat riser can make the bathroom a much safer place. You may not think having to bend down a little bit less would make any difference, but a raised tolet seat can actually greatly improve the bathroom safety. For those with limited mobility and joint pain, even having a riser for the toilet seat to raise it even by a little bit can make a huge difference in their ability to use the bathroom safely by themselves.


Features to look for in a seat riser for your toilet

Some toilet seat risers come with extra features that you may want. Some common features are:

Elongated seat

Some toilet seats have elongated, oval shaped bowls, rather than the traditional, older model of a more circular toilet bowl. Elongated toilets are more modern and more common in bigger bathrooms. The toilet is usually about 2 inches longer than a normal toilet seat, but the lengths will vary. Make sure you measure the dimensions of your toilet seat before you buy a riser. If you have an elongated toilet, make sure that you get an elongated riser for your toilet seat. You want to make sure it fits your toilet.

Hinged toilet seat riser

Some seat risers have a hinged seat. That allows the riser to be lifted up if someone else doesn’t want the seat that high. This is a good option for those who are living with a disabled, injured, or elderly person and want to make their bathroom more accessible, but would still like to be able to use the lower toilet. Hinged toilet seat risers can also be easier to clean. A hinged seat is typically a good investment for a raised toilet seat.


There are several different arm options for a toilet seat riser. Some risers have removable arms that can easily be put on or taken off. Removable handles are a great option for those in a wheelchair, who need the support while on the toilet, but need to be able to easily move from their wheelchair to the toilet. Removable arms can allow easy transfer onto and off of the toilet, and can be put back on for support while in use. Most arms for a toilet seat will be padded to provide atra comfort. Padded arms can also increase the grip on the armrest, as it won’t get as slippery when wet. Plastic or metal arms on their own can be hard to hold on to, but padding them can give them traction, as well as improving the overall comfort.

Arms can also act as a sort of toilet safety rails. It is even harder to accidentaly fall off the toilet if there is a built in safety frame and support system. Toilet seat risers with arms decrease the fall risk even less, making the bathroom safer to use independently.

Grab bars

A grab bar above the toilet would most likely have to be bought separately, but would work with the seat riser. Having a grab bar would help decrease the pressure on the lower joints by allowing the user to lower themselves down and pull themselves up, rather than having all the pressure of bending on their hips and knees. Grab bars next to the toilet can also serve a similar purpose to armrests. Providing something the person on the toilet can reach out and hold on to can really help them feel more secure and prevent falls.

Padded seats

Some toilet seat risers have padded seats for added comfort. Especially for those who have to be on the toilet for a long time, sitting on a hard surface can get uncomfortable. Adding some padding to the seat can make it more comfortable and also harder to slip off of. Ceramic or plastic toilet seats can be slippery, especially when wet, and having a padded seat can add traction and make it easier to stay on the seat, even when it’s wet. 

Locking mechanism

Some people go with a locking raised toilet seat. The locking mechanism will securely attach the riser to the toilet bowl, so there is no chance of it slipping off. The extra security can be very helpful in adding to overall bathroom safety. Some toilet seat risers can hava a risk of slipping off, especially if there is a person sitting on them at an angle. If the riser is locked to the toilet seat, then it won’t shift or fall off. 

Weight capacity

Some toilet seat risers are more heavy duty than others. If you or the person you are getting the riser for is over 300 lbs, you should look into a more durable one. A standard toilet seat riser will only be able to handle about 300 to 400 lbs. In order to safely use your toilet seat riser, you should not exceed the recommended weight limit.


Which toilet seat riser should you get?

So where should you start to look? Which toilet seat is best for you? Some of the best toilet seat risers are:


The RMS raised toilet seat 

The RMS adds 5 inches to your toilet seat. It comes with padded, removable, adjustable arms. The arms can adjust their width to accommodate both wider and slimmer body types. The padding allows for both comfort and safety, as it prevents slipping. The arms can also be completely taken off if needed. Their seat is lightweight, durable (weight capacity of 300 lbs), and has an easy, tool-free installation. It fits most standard toilets, both round and elongated. It is only $89.99 on Amazon, and payment in $15 monthly installations is an option as well.


The essential medical supply elevated toilet seat

The essential medical supply elevated toilet seat is installed under the actual toilet seat and raises it 3.5 inches. It comes with padded arms for safety. It is easy to clean and doesn’t stain. It fits most standard toilet seats, and the hardware for installation is included. On Amazon, it is $46.92 for an elongated seat, and $40.51 for a round seat, which is a fairly cheaper option.


Medline heavy duty raised toilet seat 

The Medline heavy duty raised toilet seat has a contoured surface for comfort and raises the seat by 5 inches. It fits round or elongated seats from 11 inches to 14 inches. It is a locked seat, so it has an easy clamp attachment with a switch to lock or unlock the riser from the seat. It is also installed with an antimicrobial product protection that inhibits stains or mildew and bacteria growth on the seat. It can support up to 350 lbs, over the typical capacity for toilet seat risers.


Drive Medical Preservetech

The Drive medical preservetech has 3 height settings. The seat can be adjusted to add 2, 4, or 6 inches of height. It fits most standard and elongated toilet seats. It also has adjustable armrests that can be pivoted or taken off to provide the most comfortable position. It is $81.09 on Amazon, but payment in $13.52 monthly installments is offered.


Drive Medical standard raised toilet seat 

Another Drive Medical toilet seat riser, their standard seat raises the seat by 4 inches. It has both a locking mechanism and a lid for safety. It is easy to install, no tools needed, and is lightweight and portable for easy use and transportation. It fits most standard and elongated toilets, and has a weight capacity of 400 lbs, a full one hundred lbs over the typical limit. This seat is only $35.69 on Amazon.


Drive Medical premium raised toilet seat

Besides a standard seat and their preservetach, Drive Medical also has a premium raised toilet seat. The premium adds 6 inches of height to the seat, and measures 14 by 16 inches. This raised seat also has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. It has an easy, no-tool installation, but fits securely on the seat. The premium is $51.89 on amazon, and is available in monthly $8.65 installations.


Carex toilet seat riser

The carex raised toilet seat is a universal toilet seat riser, which means it will fit most standard and elongated toilet seats. There are no tools or assembly required. The seat has anti-slip pads on the bottom, and all you have to do is set it down on the existing seat. Because of the pads, it won’t slide or move while in use. The contoured surface allows for comfortable sitting, and the seat itself is lightweight and portable. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. It’s only about $25 on their website, making it one of the most affordable options for raised toilet seats.

When choosing a toilet seat riser, make sure to consider your options and find the best fit for your needs.