Who Pays for Respite Care: Funding Sources and Options

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Introduction Respite care is a temporary form of relief a primary caregiver and refers to services that provide them a break from their daily caregiving duties. It comes in various forms, including in-home care, adult day care centers, or short-term residential care facilities. It is an indispensable resource as it ensures that the family caregiver [...]

Respite Care for Autism

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Introduction Respite care is an essential service, intended to provide temporary relief from the stressful responsibility of caregiving. At its core, it is designed to ensure that families who are tasked with the continuous care of a family member who is ill or disabled in some way are afforded a short-term break. This can include [...]

Respite Care for Elderly Individuals

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Respite Care is an essential component in elderly home care, providing temporary relief for the primary caregiver. Its significance lies in the much-needed break it affords to caregivers, primarily the family member looking after older adults, enabling them to attend to their needs and priorities. This article will explore the fundamental elements of respite care, [...]

Our Ultimate Guide to Respite Care

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Respite care is a form of short-term, temporary relief provided to families who are caring for a loved one with physical or mental disabilities. This special type of care, set up by trained professionals, provides necessary breaks for family and the primary caregiver, ensuring both the well-being of the care provider and the family member [...]

The Essential Role of Home Care Nurses

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Home care nursing involves providing ongoing medical care and treatment to patients in their own homes. As opposed to inpatient nursing care in a hospital or other facility, home care nurses travel to visit patients and families at their private residences. Home care nursing helps patients recover, rehabilitate, and manage illness while remaining comfortable at [...]

How to Monitor Elderly Activities: Nursing Home Technology

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Nursing Home Technology Monitors Elder Activities   Many of us are balancing the care of our aging parents and working full-time jobs, and taking care of our children. So, how do you monitor the activities of elderly parents? The advent of new-age technology has sensors, voice activation, GPS, Bluetooth, cellular connectivity via mobile phones, smartphone [...]

My Experience Working With the Elderly: Caregiver Experience

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I’d like to share my experiences as an In-Home Care Provider Caring for the elderly is a rewarding experience in many ways. Seniors are extremely vulnerable and require special attention. Their lives can be incredibly lonely, and a good caregiver can meet that need in many ways, sometimes being their sole companion. And one of […]

The Complete Guide to Elder Care Planning & Family Meetings

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Most families create plans in order to achieve important goals throughout their lifetimes. Significant effort is often put into planning for homeownership, kids’ college educations, and saving for retirement. However, the vast majority of families do not put the same effort into planning for a loved one’s future elder care needs. In fact, most families […]

Signs of Elder Abuse & What You Can Do to Help

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According the National Council on Aging (NCOA), 6 out of 10 elders, defined as anyone 60 and over, have experienced some form of abuse.  The World Health Organization estimates an even higher number. Studies cited by the NCOA, find that victims of elder abuse are more likely to die prematurely than other older adults. To […]