How to Monitor Elderly Activities: Nursing Home Technology

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Nursing Home Technology Monitors Elder Activities   Many of us are balancing the care of our aging parents and working full-time jobs, and taking care of our children. So, how do you monitor the activities of elderly parents? The advent of new-age technology has sensors, voice activation, GPS, Bluetooth, cellular connectivity via mobile phones, smartphone [...]

My Experience Working With the Elderly: Caregiver Experience

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I’d like to share my experiences as an In-Home Care Provider Caring for the elderly is a rewarding experience in many ways. Seniors are extremely vulnerable and require special attention. Their lives can be incredibly lonely, and a good caregiver can meet that need in many ways, sometimes being their sole companion. And one of […]

The Complete Guide to Elder Care Planning & Family Meetings

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Most families create plans in order to achieve important goals throughout their lifetimes. Significant effort is often put into planning for homeownership, kids’ college educations, and saving for retirement. However, the vast majority of families do not put the same effort into planning for a loved one’s future elder care needs. In fact, most families […]

Signs of Elder Abuse & What You Can Do to Help

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According the National Council on Aging (NCOA), 6 out of 10 elders, defined as anyone 60 and over, have experienced some form of abuse.  The World Health Organization estimates an even higher number. Studies cited by the NCOA, find that victims of elder abuse are more likely to die prematurely than other older adults. To […]

Nursing Interventions for Home Care

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Learn more about how you can help your loved ones with in-home care. Interventions save lives. Nurse intervention is considered the backbone of home care. The term "nursing intervention" describes any type of action a nurse performs to improve their patients' comfort and overall health. Those who are considering the advancement [...]

What are the Different Types of Dementia?

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One of the most common questions patients and their loved ones ask is: What are the different types of dementia? Dementia causes problems with a person's memory, thinking, and ability to reason properly. Dementia occurs when parts of the brain, which are in charge of how we learn and retain information, holding our memories and [...]

Stimulating Activities for Dementia Patients | Top 10 Dementia Activities

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Did you know: Patients with dementia disease commonly withdraw from activities they once loved and spending time with friends and family.   These dementia patients must maintain their interests and relationships because it has been shown to reduce the effects that dementia causes, such as memory problems or cognitive impairment. By participating in hobbies and [...]

Intergenerational Relationships: A New Approach to Senior Care

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In this day and age, seniors are more consistent than ever that they no longer be referred to as “seniors”. This is not a preference of egoism, but rather one of realism. With life expectancy levels on the rise, the traditional connotation of a “senior” is no longer accurate. Today, “seniors” want to reside in [...]