Dental Hygiene for Seniors: Importance of Oral Hygiene

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It seems there are certain tasks that fall to the wayside as we grow older, one of which is dental care. However, we only get one set of permanent teeth, and dentures cost a lot - therefore these precious parts of us should be a priority when it comes to personal hygiene. Around 75% of [...]

Differences Between Home Care and Home Health for Seniors

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Trying to determine what health care services are best for your loved ones? Home health and home care are two different types of care that are provided at home. Most people, however, assume that these services are the same. For those who find it difficult to draw a line between these two services, we are […]

Best Books for Caregivers: 20 Books for Senior Caregivers

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When a doctor diagnoses a friend or relative with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, it can feel as though a rug has been pulled out from under your feet. Dozens of questions run through your mind. Fortunately, there are a number of wonderful books for caregivers that can provide the answers needed. These books were specifically […]

Joint Replacement Surgery for Seniors & Hospital-to-Home Transition

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Joint replacement surgery is fairly common as people age. The surgeon removes a damaged or arthritic joint and replaces it with one made of metal or plastic. Ideally, it replicates the joint that is in good physical condition. Traditional surgery requires a larger incision to remove the damaged joint, or you may choose a minimally-invasive […]

Can In-Home Care Help Seniors Living with Diabetes?

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What is Diabetes? And, how can In-Home Care help seniors who have diabetes? The name diabetes mellitus does not just refer to one condition, but a collection of diseases; these impact the ways that the body makes use of glucose or blood sugar. With diabetes, the blood glucose levels are too high. Glucose is necessary […]

Critical Advice on Caring for Controlling Loved Ones

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A sense of love and duty are often intertwined when caring for loved ones. Whether it is a positive relationship often depends on the emotional and mental state of the person for whom the care is given. This is especially true when caring for loved ones suffering with alzheimer’s disease. The disease itself is debilitating […]

Changing Prescriptions Can Affect the Elderly – Here’s Why

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As time goes by, our bodies begin to experience the signs of aging. Some of these changes can be felt or seen, while others causes lingering aches and pains. Simple movements such as standing up from a chair or walking often become more painful or slower than in the past. One of the most important […]