Hospice Care at Home

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  What is hospice care? Hospice care is end of life care that focuses on the home health and comfort of the patient in their last few months of life. In order to qualify for hospice care a doctor has to certify that if the illness or condition runs its course, you will have 6 [...]

Do You Need a Stair Lift?

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What is a Stair Lift? A stair lift is a chair that is on a rail that travels up the length of your staircase. It is motorized, so all the user has to do is get in the chair and press a button. Some people confuse a stair lift and a lift chair, but they [...]

What is a Toilet Seat Riser?

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What is a toilet seat riser? A toilet seat riser is a piece of technology designed to help those with mobility issues, especially the elderly, with sitting on the toilet. It is a raised seat that attaches to the existing toilet seat. A raised toilet seat allows the user to not have to bend down [...]

Home Instead Senior Care

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Caring For Those Who Wish To Age In Place The majority of older adults wish to stay in their current home as they age. In fact, one in three individuals in the aging population feel that they might be frightened of aging somewhere other than their current home. Their home provides both physical and emotional [...]

How to Monitor Elderly Activities: Nursing Home Technology

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Nursing Home Technology Monitors Elder Activities   Many of us are balancing the care of our aging parents and working full-time jobs, and taking care of our children. So, how do you monitor the activities of elderly parents? The advent of new-age technology has sensors, voice activation, GPS, Bluetooth, cellular connectivity via mobile phones, smartphone [...]

The Top Bathroom Assistive Devices for Seniors

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Between its hard and slippery surfaces and sharp corners, bathrooms can pose challenges to safety for any age. But as we get into our golden years, bathroom safety and home modifications for aging become more important. According to the U.S. Center for Disease and Control Prevention, most falls occur in the bathroom for those 65 [...]

The Complete Guide to Elder Care Planning & Family Meetings

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Most families create plans in order to achieve important goals throughout their lifetimes. Significant effort is often put into planning for homeownership, kids’ college educations, and saving for retirement. However, the vast majority of families do not put the same effort into planning for a loved one’s future elder care needs. In fact, most families […]

Signs of Elder Abuse & What You Can Do to Help

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According the National Council on Aging (NCOA), 6 out of 10 elders, defined as anyone 60 and over, have experienced some form of abuse.  The World Health Organization estimates an even higher number. Studies cited by the NCOA, find that victims of elder abuse are more likely to die prematurely than other older adults. To […]

Nursing Interventions for Home Care

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Learn more about how you can help your loved ones with in-home care. Interventions save lives. Nurse intervention is considered the backbone of home care. The term "nursing intervention" describes any type of action a nurse performs to improve their patients' comfort and overall health. Those who are considering the advancement [...]