Stimulating Activities for Dementia Patients | Top 10 Dementia Activities

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Did you know: Patients with dementia disease commonly withdraw from activities they once loved and spending time with friends and family.   These dementia patients must maintain their interests and relationships because it has been shown to reduce the effects that dementia causes, such as memory problems or cognitive impairment. By participating in hobbies and [...]

What’s the Difference Between Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease?

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Many people are confused about the differences between Dementia and Alzheimer's disease, as both are related to memory disorders and age-related memory loss. Many people believe the two mean the same thing – they're often assumed to be synonymous. However, the two words mean two different things. Dementia is a general term for the progressive [...]

Breast Cancer in Seniors | Breast Cancer Treatment in the Elderly

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Breast cancer in seniors is a highly potent disease that will only be eradicated if women follow the recommended regular mammogram schedule - this is critically important, as 98% of breast cancer is successfully treated when detected early. On that same note, it’s important to remember that breast cancer risk increases significantly with age, and [...]

Identity Theft Protection for Seniors | Senior Identity Theft

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Learn more about how you can help your loved ones with in home care. Regardless of age, we are all at risk of becoming a victim of identity theft - but senior citizens are at a particularly higher risk. According to the U.S. Senate’s Special Committee on Aging, older Americans lose $3 billion dollars a year [...]

Postmenopausal Symptoms & What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

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So… What is Postmenopause? Most people know what menopause is, and what you can expect during it. However, not much is said about what happens after menopause. Once a woman's reproductive years have come to an end, and menopause is complete, she enters a phase which is known as postmenopause.  In this article, we will [...]

How to Store Old Photos

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  Family photographs are irreplaceable. Photographs are an incredible way to help preserve your family's memories and create a visual family history for generations to come. Family photos represent decades of history and memories through visual aid. It would be devastating to love these keepsakes due to improper storage or wear and tear from being [...]

Intergenerational Relationships: A New Approach to Senior Care

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In this day and age, seniors are more consistent than ever that they no longer be referred to as “seniors”. This is not a preference of egoism, but rather one of realism. With life expectancy levels on the rise, the traditional connotation of a “senior” is no longer accurate. Today, “seniors” want to reside in [...]

Dental Hygiene for Seniors: Importance of Oral Hygiene

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It seems there are certain tasks that fall to the wayside as we grow older, one of which is dental care. However, we only get one set of permanent teeth, and dentures cost a lot - therefore these precious parts of us should be a priority when it comes to personal hygiene. Around 75% of [...]

What is Ageism and How Do We Fight Against It?

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Learn more about how you can help your loved ones with in home care. Ageism is a form of modern-day discrimination, and it’s on the fast track to becoming an all-out epidemic. The definition of ageism refers to the act of denying an older person human rights, solely based on their age. Although [...]