Do You Need a Stair Lift?

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What is a Stair Lift? A stair lift is a chair that is on a rail that travels up the length of your staircase. It is motorized, so all the user has to do is get in the chair and press a button. Some people confuse a stair lift and a lift chair, but they [...]

What is a Toilet Seat Riser?

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What is a toilet seat riser? A toilet seat riser is a piece of technology designed to help those with mobility issues, especially the elderly, with sitting on the toilet. It is a raised seat that attaches to the existing toilet seat. A raised toilet seat allows the user to not have to bend down [...]

Compression Gloves

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More than 54 million adults in the United States live with doctor-diagnosed arthritis. These are only persons who have officially been diagnosed. Some believe that if we were to include people who have not been diagnosed but who have symptoms consistent with a diagnosis of arthritis, this number would increase to over 91 million adults. [...]

Why You Should Get A Walk In Tub

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What is a walk in tub? A walk in bathtub is basically a taller bathtub with a door. They tend to be designed with standing or sitting in mind, so they are boxier and usually have seating and a handrail. They were designed for the elderly and disabled, so that they can take a bath [...]

Why You Should Consider Lift Chairs

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What is a lift chair? A lift chair is a chair that can lift its back end to help the person sitting in it get out of a seated position easier. For people with joint issues, back pain, or other issues that can make it difficult to get up from a sitting position out of [...]

Do you need a Shower Chair?

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What is a shower chair? A shower chair is a specifically designed chair for use in a bathroom. Some are equipped with wheels to act as a sort of wheelchair, but others have sturdy, rubber feet, so the chair won’t slip if there’s water on the floor. They are waterproof and resist rust, so they [...]

Do you need a heating pad?

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We all deal with pain. And finding the best pain relief is super important. Nowadays, most pain treatment is medication. But the type of pain you are in can actually determine the best treatment. Lots of people have turned to heat therapy for pain relief.   What does a heating pad do? Heat therapy is [...]

Best Home Products as You Age

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Three out of four adults 50 years and older prefer to stay in their homes or communities as they age. This is often referred to as ‘aging in place.’ Still, just over half of older individuals don’t think that this is possible. There are various considerations to take into account when deciding whether aging in [...]

Panhandle Health: Servicing the Five Counties of North Idaho

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The Panhandle Health District provides residents access to health care, community services and initiatives, and environmental health programs to foster healthier and safer lives for residents. What is the Panhandle Health District? The Panhandle Health District is one of seven health districts in Idaho. The districts were established in 1970 to provide the residents of [...]

The Top Bathroom Assistive Devices for Seniors

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Between its hard and slippery surfaces and sharp corners, bathrooms can pose challenges to safety for any age. But as we get into our golden years, bathroom safety and home modifications for aging become more important. According to the U.S. Center for Disease and Control Prevention, most falls occur in the bathroom for those 65 [...]