Best Home Products as You Age

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Three out of four adults 50 years and older prefer to stay in their homes or communities as they age. This is often referred to as ‘aging in place.’ Still, just over half of older individuals don’t think that this is possible. There are various considerations to take into account when deciding whether aging in [...]

Panhandle Health: Servicing the Five Counties of North Idaho

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The Panhandle Health District provides residents access to health care, community services and initiatives, and environmental health programs to foster healthier and safer lives for residents. What is the Panhandle Health District? The Panhandle Health District is one of seven health districts in Idaho. The districts were established in 1970 to provide the residents of [...]

Home Instead Senior Care

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Caring For Those Who Wish To Age In Place The majority of older adults wish to stay in their current home as they age. In fact, one in three individuals in the aging population feel that they might be frightened of aging somewhere other than their current home. Their home provides both physical and emotional [...]

Visiting Angels

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Providing Care For Your Loved One in Their Own Home In home care is becoming a popular option for aging adults who prefer to stay in their own home or the home of their loved ones instead of moving into a retirement, long-term care, or assisted living facility. Skilled and qualified in home care providers [...]

In Home Care Services

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Aging adults often require some form of care or assistance. Even persons who enjoy their independence may want someone to keep them company or with whom they can do hobbies. Other persons may need additional care but would prefer not to leave their homes. This could be for many reasons, like wanting to stay in [...]

The Top Bathroom Assistive Devices for Seniors

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Between its hard and slippery surfaces and sharp corners, bathrooms can pose challenges to safety for any age. But as we get into our golden years, bathroom safety and home modifications for aging become more important. According to the U.S. Center for Disease and Control Prevention, most falls occur in the bathroom for those 65 [...]

The Complete Guide to Elder Care Planning & Family Meetings

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Most families create plans in order to achieve important goals throughout their lifetimes. Significant effort is often put into planning for homeownership, kids’ college educations, and saving for retirement. However, the vast majority of families do not put the same effort into planning for a loved one’s future elder care needs. In fact, most families […]

How to Stay on Top of Evolving Home Health Care Regulations

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Home care agencies and home care networks have faced ongoing operational challenges due to a variety of reasons. Rapidly fluctuating regulatory requirements related to the home care industry have been almost constant over the past several years now.  Patients and their family caregivers are much more likely to be more active in their healthcare planning […]

Signs of Elder Abuse & What You Can Do to Help

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According the National Council on Aging (NCOA), 6 out of 10 elders, defined as anyone 60 and over, have experienced some form of abuse.  The World Health Organization estimates an even higher number. Studies cited by the NCOA, find that victims of elder abuse are more likely to die prematurely than other older adults. To […]

How to Market for Home Care Agencies | Home Care Marketing

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Home health care is a booming industry. The aging population of baby boomers is increasingly in need of in-home senior care businesses, including non-medical home care, post-acute care, long-term care, skilled nursing, and hospice care. Effective health marketing strategies will allow consumers to feel confident in choosing your home care agency. Online or digital marketing […]