How to Choose a Wheelchair for Seniors Receiving In-Home Care

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When it comes to choosing a wheelchair for seniors, there are many factors to consider. The type of wheelchair that is best for your loved one will depend on their individual needs and lifestyle. Read how to choose the right vehicle for your senior receiving in-home care. The Types of Wheelchairs for Seniors A wheelchair [...]

Do You Need An Assessment to Work as a Senior Caregiver?

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Certification is not only essential for work, but it also helps you learn how to give superior care to the elderly. You can find a variety of practice exams, with answer modules included to help you prepare for your caregiver assessment while staying at home. Many top employers use the SHL test to assess and [...]

How to Make a Loved One Comfortable Before Transitioning to In-Home Care

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Coming to the decision to seek out in-home care with an elderly loved one is not easy. If you formerly held the role of caretaker, you may experience various emotions, including guilt and relief. In addition to your own feelings, you must consider those of your loved one. Will they cooperate or be resistant? Will they understand you [...]

Medical Guardian

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Many older adults prefer to age in place. They wish to enjoy familiar surroundings close to friends and family and places they enjoy visiting. While they may not require in-home care, aging adults and their loved ones could find some peace of mind when using a medical alert system like that offered by Medical Guardian. [...]

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Create an Age-Friendly World

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Implementing AI for Seniors Statisticians are astounded by the massive growth of the aging populations around the world. Over the next 50 years, in the US, adults over 65 are expected to grow by more than half. Experts are worried about the pressure this will put on healthcare resources, especially family caregivers and home healthcare [...]

Chair Exercises for Seniors

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The idea of fitness as a senior can be intimidating if you have a lot of chronic aches and pains or other medical conditions. Modified exercises can help strengthen your muscles and improve your flexibility without putting added strain on the body. Chair exercises provide seniors with the benefits of exercise, with minimal risk involved. [...]

What is a Caregiver?

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How to Become a Great Caregiver Are you kind, caring, compassionate, and patient? Do you love serving others and a desire to help people, especially the elderly, improve their quality of life? Do you enjoy spending time with older adults? Then you might be interested in how to become a caregiver. In addition to these [...]

Senior Guardianship | What You Need to Know About Guardianship

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Senior Guardianship: What You Need to Know About Guardianship Although the level of advancement varies by person, age ultimately brings impairment of physical and mental capacity. Many elderly people ultimately lose the ability to handle their financial and personal affairs. When the capacity to decide dwindles, guardians step in to maintain the necessary care and […]

How You Can Afford a Home-Care Worker For the Senior in Your Life

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As your senior loved one ages, you may find yourself in need of long term care services. Unfortunately, in-home care or assisted living opportunities may seem cost-prohibitive. How can you provide quality care for your senior loved one without breaking your budget? As it turns out, Home Life senior care may be affordable than you […]

Home Care vs Assisted Living For Seniors | Cost Differences

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Change can be stressful, particularly for seniors and their loved ones as they look to balance independence and quality of life with their changing physical and psychological needs. Sorting through all the available options can be overwhelming, but the following may just help you find the right fit for your unique circumstances. Choosing home care […]