• Understanding the Differences Between Palliative and Hospice Care

Understanding the Differences Between Palliative and Hospice Care

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When the difficult decisions surrounding end of life care issues are being discussed, there is often talk of hospice and palliative care. However, these do not necessarily refer to the same thing and this can sometimes lead to confusion. To help clear up any misunderstandings, let’s explore the meanings of these two terms.   [...]

What to Do When Your Elderly Parents Refuse Home Care

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It can be very disturbing when elderly parents will not cooperate in order to assure their well-being. When an elderly parent refuses help, adult children often become frustrated and angry and sometimes just give up. That is not an appropriate solution for either the child or the parent. Aging parents want to be acknowledged [...]

Why Do the Elderly Refuse Help? What You Can Do to Encourage Seniors

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At some point, everyone must rely on someone else for assistance. For some seniors, this is harder to admit than it is for others, and families often find themselves stuck in the position of trying to convince their senior loved one to accept help from another person. Whether you are trying to help your [...]

How to Know When it’s Time for Hospice | What is Hospice for Seniors?

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Watching as someone you love struggles with a terminal illness is heartbreaking. While you naturally don’t want to think about losing someone that you love, it is also important to remember that you play a valuable role in protecting their dignity and comfort at this stage in their life. Right now, you are trying [...]