• LGBT Seniors

Caregiving for the LGBT Population

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Seniors who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender are often treated differently when they are patients in public situations like healthcare environments. By 2050, some experts predict that more than 10% of senior patient populations will add to the already higher numbers of baby-boomer generation elders entering long-term or skilled care facilities. Other [...]

Culturally Sensitive Senior Care | How to Provide Equal Care for Seniors

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As a Caregiver, it is vitally important to educate yourself regarding how to provide culturally sensitive senior care. In society, the importance of acknowledging and displaying greater sensitivity towards those with different cultural lifestyles is paramount in how that society is viewed and treated. In this article, we will discuss what cultural sensitivity is, [...]

  • Praise to Caregivers

30 Ways to Give Praise to Your Caregivers

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On an average day, a senior caregiver can comfortably handle an unexpected situation, stay patient with a difficult client, and offer compassion to an ill senior's family.   Your agency's caregivers routinely provide their support, as well as their skilled services, to your clients. Showing your caregivers how much you appreciate their hard work [...]

Being Thankful For Your Caregiver During the Holidays | Christmas Gifts For Caregivers

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The holidays are a great time to show a bit of extra gratitude to the helpers in our lives - specifically Caregivers. Whether you're assisted by a caregiver, know a family member getting some extra help or work with caregiving professionals, below are a few caregiver gift ideas to give a little back to [...]

  • Caregiver boundaries

How to Set Boundaries as a Caregiver | Professional Boundaries for Caregivers

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Giving care to senior people is a noble profession. It helps families give this vulnerable population a decent life. The disabled and mentally disturbed people also need care. However, giving care is not a rosy profession. Caregiver tasks can be overwhelming to the in-home care provider. Widespread cases of depression, stress, and disillusionment among [...]

  • Caregiver checklist

Top Caregiver Recruitment & Retention Checklist

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Statistics indicate that the demand for senior care is set to grow in the coming years thanks to the rising elderly population. Senior citizens have unique needs, which include social and personal care. The services are readily provided in assisted living facilities, nursing homes and in-home care services. For caregivers, emphasis is always on providing [...]