8 Ways To Help Seniors Recover From Surgery

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Aging slows us down, and surgeries can make things even more difficult for seniors. Suddenly, activities of daily life can seem impossible to accomplish. Home care after surgery is incredibly important. Not only does it encourage things like proper muscle function and prevent wound infection, but it also keeps the person safe and helps [...]

Dressing and Grooming Tips for Caregivers | Senior Caregivers

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What are the best dressing and grooming tips for caregivers? As a caregiver, it is important to dress and groom yourself properly for a professional aesthetic. In addition, the life of a caregiver may get occasionally messy, therefore you must prepare yourself for anything that may happen during your shifts. In this article, we [...]

The Unseen Liabilities of Hiring a Caregiver Directly | Personally Hiring a Caregiver

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Do you know what the unseen liabilities are of hiring a caregiver directly, rather than through a home care agency? Let's say that your parents have reached a point where they have troubles with everyday activities. You may think to hire someone directly, but the problem with this is that you could be leaving [...]

Working Successfully with Home Care Services | How to Use Home Care Agencies

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If you or a loved one is aging, you might need a home care assistant. However, finding the right home caregiver is much easier said than done. “Should I personally hire a home caregiver? Or, should I work with a home care agency and take advantage of their services?”. Here's what you need to [...]

Software Reviews for In Home Care Agencies

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Want to know: What are the best software programs for In Home Care Agencies? Home care and post acute care agencies require the most up-to-date and intuitive software to run efficiently and provide the best homecare. This guide reviews many of the options you'll find as you search for the best software vendors to [...]

How Home Care Agencies Can Rise to a 5-Star Rating

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The landscape of post-acute care is constantly changing and becoming more value-oriented. With the development of home health star ratings, home health care agencies have a tool that can help them stand out to potential clients. With the national average rating hovering around 3.5 stars as of July, 2018, it’s clear that achieving higher [...]

How to Stay on Top of Evolving Home Health Care Regulations

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Home care agencies and home care networks have faced ongoing operational challenges due to a variety of reasons. Rapidly fluctuating regulatory requirements related to the home care industry have been almost constant over the past several years now. Patients and their family caregivers are much more likely to be more active in their healthcare [...]

The Missing Link in Home Care Management | Interim Leadership Success for Home Care Agencies

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Business continuity is as important today as it has ever been before. When a company is offering vital services such as the ones offered in the world of healthcare providers and home care agencies. Interim leadership is the missing link that these types of companies need to ensure continued operations. This term refers to [...]