In-Home Care Services & Home Care Tools for Seniors

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Home health care is a burgeoning industry that will create elderly care jobs for years to come. Long term care services provide support for the many senior citizens who may suffer from various afflictions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, rehabilitation from falls, strokes, or diseases affecting the vital organs. Aging in place has become an […]

Is Home Care Right for My Senior Loved One? When to Choose In-Home Care

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There often comes a time when adult children or another family member might have to make different living and/or care arrangements for their aging parent, grandparent, aunt or sibling. Sometimes the spouse is still capable of handling any of these common changes, and the rest of the family should still include them fully in the […]

Senior Care Costs Comparison | Types of Senior Care & Costs

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Many seniors or their loved ones are concerned about the rising cost of senior care. It can be confusing to research the various types of elder care services that are available and the differences in senior living options without some understanding of the common medical care terms used. There are a number of different types […]

How Medicare and Medicaid Cover Long-Term Care for Seniors

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Medicare and Medicaid are two insurance programs run by the government. They were created in the year 1965 by President Lyndon Johnson’s under his programs for great society. The two programs ensured that Americans of low income or senior citizens could access private health insurance. The Medicare and Medicaid program share the financial burden of […]