Top Three Trends Driving M&A in Home Care, Home Health and Hospice

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A growing number of hospice, home care and home health companies are involved in mergers and acquisitions as they position themselves to better take advantage of growing, lucrative healthcare market. As millions of Baby Boomers and their parents age, there’s a rising demand for comprehensive long-term health care for them. It’s an excellent opportunity for […]

Top Ways Home Care Agencies can Improve Staff Satisfaction and Retention

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Home care agencies rely on the hard working caregivers that perform the brunt of the company’s care services. The senior population now at or above retirement age is at the highest it’s been since accurate statistics have been taken. This rising number of elders continuing to need daily or intermittent care puts an even greater […]

Home Caregiver Tips: Fun Activities to Do with Seniors

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Many seniors are opting to stay in their own homes or are living with family members instead of moving to nursing home settings. Those working in home care can help their clients stay physically, mentally and emotionally fit by incorporating some fun activities for adults into their daily routines. Caregivers can find terrific activities for […]

The Best Apps for Home Care Providers | Apps for Home Care Agencies

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Many in the healthcare community are sold on the idea of a helpful app for senior care. A senior citizen being cared for at home will often need assistance in making and keeping appointments and other memory tasks. Many apps can help the typical senior citizen to stay organized by creating a step-by-step to do […]

What Do Caregivers Look For In a Home Care Agency? | Caregiver Retention Tips

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The career opportunities for reliable and caring home care providers has never been better. There are some specific things that experienced and better caregivers tend to look for when considering employment in a home care agency. Due to the expected continuing rise in the need for top-quality caregivers, agencies and private citizens that need good […]

7 Ways to Combat Negative Reviews About Your Home Care Agency

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All Business owners and managers can use proven methods to increase their profits and/or customer satisfaction rates. Owners of home care agencies and other healthcare providers face even more intense public and client scrutiny since the health and well-being of human patients are at stake. In the past, word-of-mouth was pretty much the only way […]

How to Interview In-Home Care Agencies | Senior Living

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As our society ages, the need for support for the aged becomes critical. In addition to providing physical support, including help with daily chores and activities requiring dexterity, we need to consider the emotional and social needs of our aging population. Isolation increases the risk of anxiety and depression, which can impact brain plasticity and […]