Potential Triggers That Can Upset Seniors with Dementia

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People with dementia or memory loss often display debilitating symptoms, and unfortunately, there is no cure. Those with dementia disease and memory problems eventually need round-the-clock care, which can put stress on their caregiver. However, if the caregiver learns to avoid the common triggers that lead to frustration and anger in those with dementia and […]

Should a Home Care Provider Answer Your Parents’ Phone? | Caregiver Boundaries

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When elderly parents need assistance with physical care, home health care may be the perfect solution. A skilled caregiver can help with homemaking and transportation as well as provide valuable companionship and assist with activities of daily living like bathing and dressing. As a concerned son or daughter, that will be a relief, but before […]

Importance Of Organization For Elderly Care Providers

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Organization is key when giving senior care. When one is managing elderly people, such as aging parents, adequate preparation is vital as it gives you control over unexpected surprises. As such, whether you are a sole caregiver, a senior care facility, or a home care agency, staying organized will help you save money, time, energy, […]

Help Your Senior Recover from the Emotional Impact of a Fall | Senior Care

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Experiencing a fall can affect a senior in more ways than just the initial injuries if any. Many aging individuals develop previously not exhibited emotional responses such as fear, anxiety, withdrawal and even anger. The root could be a commonly experienced conditioned emotional response. Caregivers can take steps to help their senior patient recover from […]

Caregiving for the LGBT Population

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Seniors who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender are often treated differently when they are patients in public situations like healthcare environments. By 2050, some experts predict that more than 10% of senior patient populations will add to the already higher numbers of baby-boomer generation elders entering long-term or skilled care facilities. Other LGBT […]

Culturally Sensitive Senior Care | How to Provide Equal Care for Seniors

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As a Caregiver, it is vitally important to educate yourself regarding how to provide culturally sensitive senior care. In society, the importance of acknowledging and displaying greater sensitivity towards those with different cultural lifestyles is paramount in how that society is viewed and treated. In this article, we will discuss what cultural sensitivity is, the […]

30 Ways to Give Praise to Your Caregivers

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On an average day, a senior caregiver can comfortably handle an unexpected situation, stay patient with a difficult client, and offer compassion to an ill senior’s family.   Your agency’s caregivers routinely provide their support, as well as their skilled services, to your clients. Showing your caregivers how much you appreciate their hard work and […]

How to Set Boundaries as a Caregiver | Professional Boundaries for Caregivers

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Giving care to senior people is a noble profession. It helps families give this vulnerable population a decent life. The disabled and mentally disturbed people also need care. However, giving care is not a rosy profession. Caregiver tasks can be overwhelming to the in-home care provider. Widespread cases of depression, stress, and disillusionment among caregivers […]