Dental Hygiene for Seniors: Importance of Oral Hygiene

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It seems there are certain tasks that fall to the wayside as we grow older, one of which is dental care. However, we only get one set of permanent teeth, and dentures cost a lot - therefore these precious parts of us should be a priority when it comes to personal hygiene. Around 75% of [...]

6 Things to Consider About Aging at Home for Seniors

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The aging-in-place movement has added a whole new level of independent living options for seniors that don’t exist in the nursing home model of senior care. To be sure, many seniors prefer to stay at home during their golden years. Indeed, their health and well-being can thrive when they are allowed to live out their […]

Why Hire In-Home Care for Seniors? | Benefits of In-Home Care

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When you have a loved one who is requiring more assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), it can be challenging. It is difficult to balance all of your commitments while still providing quality care to your senior family member. Plus, often, your senior family member may not want help from you. They may either […]

What Do Seniors Want & Need From Their Adult Children?

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As parents age, the relationship between them and their adult children often comes to a bit of a crisis. Roles start reversing, and this can cause some tension and confusion. Relationships that were clear and comfortable may no longer be so; those that were already problematic may come to a boiling point. Or, aging parents […]

Is Home Care Right for My Senior Loved One? When to Choose In-Home Care

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There often comes a time when adult children or another family member might have to make different living and/or care arrangements for their aging parent, grandparent, aunt or sibling. Sometimes the spouse is still capable of handling any of these common changes, and the rest of the family should still include them fully in the […]

Companion Care & Medical Care

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What’s the difference? It can be difficult to realize that an aging parent requires assistance. Providing care ourselves is often something we would like to do. But, this becomes difficult with job, family, and other life commitments competing for our time. Living far away from loved ones in a nursing home reduces social interaction and […]

9 Inexpensive Products that Make Life Easier for Seniors

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Daily living for seniors is chock-full of small moments. There are moments of joy, moments of reflection, and sometimes, moments of adventure. Inevitably, there are even frustrating moments, usually resulting from limitations. It’s common for everyday tasks to become a little more difficult as people age, and if you are less seasoned, you should strive […]

Top Assistive Devices to Keep Seniors on Their Feet

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It’s inevitable: As we age, assistive devices and in-home medical equipment may be required in order to continue our activities of daily living (ADLs). Although some of these tools will be recommended by a doctor, there are several assistive devices you can invest in if you see that range of motion, stability, mobility, or overall […]