How You Can Afford a Home-Care Worker For the Senior in Your Life

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As your senior loved one ages, you may find yourself in need of long term care services. Unfortunately, in-home care or assisted living opportunities may seem cost-prohibitive. How can you provide quality care for your senior loved one without breaking your budget? As it turns out, Home Life senior care may be affordable than [...]

Senior Care Costs Comparison | Types of Senior Care & Costs

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Many seniors or their loved ones are concerned about the rising cost of senior care. It can be confusing to research the various types of elder care services that are available and the differences in senior living options without some understanding of the common medical care terms used. There are a number of different [...]

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Ultimate Guide To Medicare: Do You Qualify? Medicare Eligibility & How To Enroll

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Are you new to Medicare? If you are feeling a bit confused about your Medicare coverage options, you’ve come to the right place. This article explains in detail what Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B (often called “Original Medicare”), Part C (often called “Medicare Advantage”), and Part D (the part of Medicare that helps [...]