Does Insurance Cover Autism Testing For Adults?

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neuro-developmental disorder characterized by social interaction difficulties, communication issues, and repetitive or narrowly focused behaviors. As a lifelong condition manifesting in early childhood, autism continues to affect individuals in adulthood. However, many adults with undiagnosed autism struggle day after day without knowing that they have ASD. Consequently, diagnosis and [...]

In-Home Care is an Effective Alternative for Aging Seniors

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There are over 45 million Americans that are considered seniors, or over the age of 65. According to the US Census Bureau, by the year 2060, this number will more than double, to over 98 million. It is projected that 19 million of those seniors will be age 85 or older. As all of these […]

6 Things to Consider About Aging at Home for Seniors

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The aging-in-place movement has added a whole new level of independent living options for seniors that don’t exist in the nursing home model of senior care. To be sure, many seniors prefer to stay at home during their golden years. Indeed, their health and well-being can thrive when they are allowed to live out their […]

Is Home Care Right for My Senior Loved One? When to Choose In-Home Care

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There often comes a time when adult children or another family member might have to make different living and/or care arrangements for their aging parent, grandparent, aunt or sibling. Sometimes the spouse is still capable of handling any of these common changes, and the rest of the family should still include them fully in the […]

Benefits for Senior Veterans & In-Home Care

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Our Veterans put their lives on the line to serve and protect our county. They fought for our freedoms and helped to defend our democracy and our rights. We owe them a lifetime of gratitude. Many of the amazing veterans who defended our country are now seniors and are in need of care and medical […]

How to Put Your Senior Loved One’s Affairs in Order

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As difficult as it is to start a conversation about end of life, getting affairs in order before death does not have to be a monumental task. It is not something that you sit down one weekend and do. While parents are still in control of their mental faculties, adult children should approach them, treading […]

Companion Care & Medical Care

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What’s the difference? It can be difficult to realize that an aging parent requires assistance. Providing care ourselves is often something we would like to do. But, this becomes difficult with job, family, and other life commitments competing for our time. Living far away from loved ones in a nursing home reduces social interaction and […]

Tax Tips for Seniors & Caregivers

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Each New Year brings certain law changes; sometimes, these impact seniors and caregivers and sometimes, they don’t. Many are confused over what has changed and what has not changed in the tax code for 2019. We will investigate how the government will tax medical expenses going forward. Are there any new tax deductions for caregivers? […]